May you return a product after purchase?

in a private sale, you have the right to a trial period of 14 days after the purchase date. After this trial period the contract is a final. Within these 14 days you have the right to return the goods unused and undamaged in the original packaging. the product may be unpacked only to assess whether to keep the product. If you choose to use your right to return product, you must return the product with all accessories,  in its original condition and packaging if reasonably possible. to This should be done in accordance with the instructions provided by Please inquire by sending an email to

Are there any conditions attached to returning the goods? 

If you wish to return product, You need  to first contact us. This can be done by sending an email to You will receive a return form which must be filled out completely, and to be enclosed with the returned product. Returns that are not returned in line with our return policy will not be accepted and will be returned to you. If you return product unstamped or COD, these costs will be charged to you by

For your convenience, you will find the conditions  below.

  • For a private sale, the 14 day trial period from the delivery date has not expired.
  • You must use the return form which can be obtained through
  • The product must be clean, complete and undamaged.
  • The product is not used (mounting the lights on the wall is not considered as use.As long as there is no damage to the product or the coating ).
  • The (factory) packaging is original, undamaged if reasonably possible and not written on by you.
  • The return shipment is to be properly packaged so that items can not be damaged during transportation.
  • Product  must be sent in an extra (shipping) box. For example, the original packing box inside a shipping box so that the original packaging is not damaged during transport.

Defects and / or flaws of product can be reported directly to the technical department of the manufacturer / supplier. Please contact us  by email ( for the terms for your return.

What are the consequences of incorrect return?

You can return or exchange your products within the trial period to . In case of incorrect returns, however, the costs incurred wil be charged to the customer. An incorrect return occurs in the following cases:

  • Exchanges and / or returns that are not within 14 days of delivery, will not be accepted.
  • Items that have been damaged, by not properly packaging your returned product, will not be accepted.
  • (Labour) costs for removing debris from products will be charged to the customer. We recommend that you take this into consideration when trying or handling the product.

If you are sending it to other than method specified, the expenses will be charged to you.

Credit is only credited the amount of goods,  Withholding if necessary any cleaning, freight and COD charges.  Shipping  payment costs are not credited.

goods which are not accepted, will be returned to you after payment of shipping charges. If after 15 days of receiving the message “not accepted” you do not respond, we will assume that you no longer want to receive the product. The ownership of the unaccepted article belongs to

Will you receive your money back after sending back the goods?

Naturally we want to work with our customer for the best sollution.  This could be a new or alternative product or a Voucher, or gift certificate for a another purchase. In the case of a credit a consumer is credited only the amount of the goods supplied by us.  Shipping charges will not be credited. Shipping charges will only be credited  when mistakes are made by In that case credits entire amount including shipping costs. Specially ordered items, such as dartboard lighting in a color different from standard can not be exchanged. Return costs will be deducted from the purchase price to be credited.

If, after  processing  your returns you are entitled to a credit, then a credit refunded to your account within 30 days . Always note your name and account number on the return form. For questions please contact us via e-mail to

For the extended warranty and return provisions, please refer to our terms and conditions.